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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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1980s. that's how fox reports this january 27, 2018. "watters world" starts right now. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. building a safe, proud, strong america, that's the message in president trump's state of the union address. deputy press secretary roz shaw joins me now. the white house is putting this on the table giving amnesty to 1.8 mill people and phasing in getting rid of the lottery and chain migration, how does that make sense?
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>> thanks for having me on. i think the president is showing leadership. he's presenting the proposal that democrats can wrap their arms around parts of it. he's trying to fiction the immigration system to provide border security. and ending the visa lottery program, and fixing our legal immigration system by ending extended family chain migration. it reaches across the aisle. jesse: people say the president ran on a strong border policy. one thing people are upset about is dreamers getting voting rights. a lot of people when they voted
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for president trump didn't sign up for that. what's your response? >> the president always said he wanted a responsible outcome for the daca. so we want to find a responsible solution for that group of people. jesse: do you have to give their family members citizenship as well. why can't you just give the dreamers the citizenship. >> it's a pathway that involves 10-12 years. they cannot commit crimes. they have to pay back taxes. there is a process these individual have to go through. jesse: why do you have to give the immediate family members of the dreamers citizenship as well. why can't you just give the dreamers citizenship. it's already a lot to ask for trump supporters.
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>> this is about fixing the immigration problems across the board. jesse: when does phasing out the chain migration? >> it will take several years. jesse: what's the year? >> i think it will be up to negotiation. some details will get fleshed out. but several years from now family members can't sponsor their cousins or uncles. you can only sponsor your immediate family and the rest of the immigration system will be based on skills. jesse: that's what everybody in this country supports and the polls show that. >> the way this will work. there is a backlog in the immigration system of people who qualified but still need to get their visa to entry. we'll clear that backlog over
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the next few years, then the system will be phased out. the visa lottery system randomly gives out visas to people. jesse: let me ask you about the wall. in return for this generous offer you are make on citizenship and the phaseout. is this the full funding for the wall? >> it's $25 billion. it's another $5 billion for increased numbers of border patrol agents. i.c.e. agents. and additional removal authority. right now if you run across the border illegally, if you are arrested you get a court date and if you don't show up, that's catch and release. this will give the department of
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homeland security authority to remove people who just crossed the border. jesse: one of the things people are a little upset about is giving amnesty to family members of the dreamers. maybe i'm wrong. maybe donald trump is a jedi master. he's putting this generous offer on the table, and chuck schumer will reject it, and that will make him look not flexible, then the president can tamp down on some of the generous offers. i don't know what the president is thinking on this. but we would like to restricter border security. the phaseouts happen much more quickly. and not a lot of the family members get a quick pathway to citizenship. a lot of the trump supporters believe these people will become democratic voters because it's
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president trump who brought them out of the shadows and given them this pathway to citizenship. but who knows how they will vote. what do you say to people who say this is too generous an offer. >> the president ran and fixing this problem once and for all. if this proposal becomes law, we'll get a southern border wall. we'll stop the flow of illegal immigrants and the flow of illegal drugs. in exchange for that, giving a pathway to citizenship for people who came here as minors we think is a fair compromise. if chuck schumer and nancy pelosi don't agree, they will show they are not interested in fixing the problem. jesse: i think they would like to have the problem to campaign on. so the state of the union right
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around the corner. you realize the democrats are inviting the illegal aliens to be their guests. how do you feel about that? how does the white house feel about having illegal aliens watch the president of the united states deliver the state of the union. >> we would like it if citizens were given those seats, but we don't always get to make those calls. a lot about what we accomplished in the first year. we have a booming economy. isis is being crushed in iraq and syria. we are putting pressure on north korea. we have judges we confirmed, and we have a lot of great things to talk about that we have already done. on issues like immigration and infrastructure and the economy and other things, we have the
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lowest unemployment. jesse: you guys have a great track record. if they bring illegal aliens to the state of the union, is trump going to bring i.c.e. agents to arrest these people? what do you do? it's chaos. >> we live in a big country. there are a lot of views and a lot of perspectives. they are doing it a lot of it to create attention. we are going to stay focused on the agenda and what we are trying to don on immigration, stop the flow across the border. the president said he's a deal maker who can get the job done. this is the first step forward. jesse: i want to play astounded bite from nancy pelosi who said something inflammatory, in my opinion.
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about the illegal immigration proposal the president has been offering. very racialized rhetoric. >> that plan is a campaign to make america white again. it's a plan that says over 50% of the current immigration will be cut back, that's people will be sent out of the country. jesse: so according to the latest harvard poll, 75% of americans want restrictions on legal immigration. legal immigration. i don't see how that's racist. but how is the white house going to counter that kind of race baiting? >> it is race baiting, and it's outrageous. i am the son ofism grants. my mother and father came here from india. they brought skills to this country and they came here
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legally. we love immigrants. we want them to come and bring skills and contribute to the tax base and help our economy and country move forward. wanting more agents to stop the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants is not extreme, it's not racist. i'm personally offended by what nancy pelosi has to say there. but it's just rhetoric. i don't take it that seriously. the president has brought forward a serious proposal and we think it deserves serious consideration. jesse: bill clinton gets heckled about monica. >> bill clinton, you are the best president,
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jess rrl winning deniers.
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facts matter. apparently not to the left. let's look at the numbers. 267 companies announced $1,000 bonuses. min amendment wage hikes, 401ks are exploding and people are seeing more money in their paychecks. instead of celebrating the good news for americans, democrats are in denial. here is what nancy pelosi said about the bonuses. >> there is a cartoon i love, the mousetrap with a piece of cheese. jesse: so $1,000 is a crumb?
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maybe if you are worth $100 million like pelosi is. here is what she said about barack obama's so-called middle class tax cut. today is a victory for the american people, and $40 each paycheck will make a difference. $40 makes a difference but $ $1,000 doesn't? nancy needs to brush up on her arit me take. here is a what debbie wasserman-schultz said? 2011. house gop refused to extend tax cut. $4 some per paycheck. tweet what $40 means to you. debbie, i'll trade you two 20s for a thousand. it illustrates their dishonesty. for them it's not about the size of your paycheck.
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it's about the party in power. here is hillary clinton touting women, rights. >> i wants to thank you for being a role model for my daughter and young women everywhere. >> a new democracy can't be built on the persecution of women. the only way we'll get sexism out of politics is to get more women into politics. >> somebody who has been a defining figure in come even's empowerment. >> we need to be serious about supporting and nurturing our girls. jesse: but the "new york times" says hillary clinton had an advisor who repeatly sexually harassed his underlings. she gave him a slap on the wrist
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and moved the female underling to another job. hillary taking a ton much heat on the -- a ton of heat for this. katie, what do you think about this? katie: this is par for the course for hillary clinton's behavior, starting with the way her husband treated women who was sexually abusing or having afairts with, the woman who complained about being sexually harassed. she was the one reassigned. when hillary clinton is out there making comments about standing up for women, including today in a derogatory fashion, she is more concerned about proprotecting herself, protecting her power, and protecting her position. her conduct at the state
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department, covering up sexual harassment of under and girls. jesse: a story appeared today about something that happened in 2008. i was dismayed when it occurred. but was heartened the young woman came forward, was heard and had her concerns taken seriously and addressed. as a woman do you think that addresses it appropriately? katie: no because the actions taken against the young woman are clear. she was the one reassigned and punished for bringing this forward. when hillary was on the campaign trail against donald trump, she tweeted all the women deserve to be believed when it comes to sexual abuse allegations and she has a long history of ignoring it. jesse: she was one of the point people trying to destroy the
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women who came forward. i guess the tweet didn't do enough good so they had her get on camera and say something bizarre at dinner because this thing was still percolating. let's listen to hillary's second time responding. go ahead. >> i just wanted to say thanks, thanks for your feminism, your activism, and all i can hope is you keep up the really important good work. this is direct toward the activist bitches supporting bitches. katie: i had the same reaction. what is going on with this. i had to ask your producers if i could say the "b" word on air. i am allowed to say it but i'm not going to say it because i'm a classy lady.
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it appears to knee feminists only have standard for everybody but themselves. if you want respect as a woman, stop going to rallies dressed like female genitalia, stop saying the "b" word and stop holding up hillary clinton as a feminist icon. jesse: we have new text messages from the love bird fbi agents. listen to this one text from lisa page. they were about to interview hillary for the email scandal. here is what she said. one more thing. she might be our next president. the last thing you need is for us to go in there load for bear. do you think she'll care that it was more doj and fbi? and strzok says agreed. they admitted they were going to
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go soft on her before she was interviewed. katie: james comey wrote that exoneration memo of hillary clinton long before she was even interviewed. two other things are they either wanted hillary clinton to win the presidency and allowed that to jeopardize their investigation of her and treat her fairly and equally under the law. or they believed donald trump couldn't win and they wanted to go soft on hillary. based on all the other texts that we have seen about how they felt about trump, i'm pretty sure it was the former. jesse: bill clinton is riding dirty in an suv. he had a fan who started say something things to him. he rolled his window down. >> you are the best president,
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man. trump got to go, bill clinton. trump gotta go. have a nice day. all right. best president. how's monica? bill clinton! katie: he loves attention, then okay, time to go. i always had it that it was called the monica lewinsky scandal when it was bill clinton who started that entire process. in today's standard it would have been sexual harassment in the workplace for bill clinton to do what he did. jesse: pedal to the metal. katie: be careful saying bill clinton is riding dirty. i don't know what that means and
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molly: president trump jins much of the world in condemning the terrorist bomb attack in kabul. mr. trump adding that the u.s. is committed to a secure afghanistan. 95 people were killed, nearly 160 others were injured. the taliban is claiming responsibility. here at home a flu activity is blanketing the country. 49 states are reporting widespread infection. one in he 15 doctor visits is for flu symptom. 39 deaths have been reported so far. i'm molly line, now back to "watters world."
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jesse: may can kelly reigniting her feud with jane fonda which began when she asked her about her plastic surgery. fonda still very upset by her question. >> how long have you two known each other? >> 50 years. before your first facelift. >> i was stunned, it was so inappropriate. it showed she wasn't that good an interviewer. >> i have no regrets about that question. nor am i in the market for a lesson from jane fonda about ways and is not appropriate. look at her treatment of our
5:30 pm
military during the vietnam war. many of our veterans still call her hanoi jane. jesse: but the journalists at "the view" are questioning her integrity. >> i have never seen a journalist do something like that. >> who is a journalist? jesse: joining us with reaction, joe concha, for someone who has had work done like yourself. what do you make of this? >> i think megyn kelly was in the right here. jane fonda brought up in multiple interviews that she had cosmetic work done. jesse: i like the fact that megyn came back hard on this. this is the old megyn.
5:31 pm
old viper, the old tenacious prosecutor megyn. she isn't going to take it and punch right back. >> if you are going to criticize fonda, you can't go back four wars. jesse: you are right, though. that did play well with this audience. i don't know how well that punch-back will play with the nbc audience. i think joy apologized later. i didn't mean to call her the "b" word. so she knew she went over the line. >> the allegation always trumps the apology. jesse: we had this breaking story at espn. mespn.
5:32 pm
saying donald trump is a white supremacist. now she has been demoted. they will make her do some dot com stuff. >> you go from the sports center which is the flagship show to dot com, that's a demotion. >> it's all about buck skin. ratings were way down. the reason why they were down on that show is jemele hill decided to be polarizing to half the country. the guys there want escapism and you have to listen to her talk about donald trump. she wasn't even suspended for that. she said we should boycott the today has cowboys. jesse: not very smart.
5:33 pm
bye-bye. now we have another story. president obama before he was president, when he was running, 2008, was photographed with louis farakan. let's look at the picture. i think we have it right there. here it is. this is the 2005 photo. but it came into circulation right before he was running in 2008. explain what happened. they buried this. they buried it. >> a member of the black caucus said that photo, do not run that. jesse: the congressional black caucus said what? >> do not run it. jesse: the photo journalist, does he have to listen to the congressional black caucus? so he could have run it but he chose not to.
5:34 pm
>> if bill ayres can run around with the president in his early career and reverend wright. barack obama was teflon. even if this photo got out, it wouldn't have changed anything. jesse: it's photographic evidence, everybody knows farakan. i think we have some highlights. >> the satanic jews. they control everything and mostly everybody. don't let this white man tell you that violence is wrong. he's worthy to be hated. jesse: he was running against mccain at the time and we had the stock market crash. but this was explosive. this was more than reverend wright, more than bill ayres. i think this was pretty bad.
5:35 pm
>> don't celebrities and senators take photos with a lot of people? jesse: you don't want to see some of the photos i have taken. but they could be problematic if i was running for president. i was young. let me ask you about this. nikki haley. she is the u.n. ambassador. this guy wolf, he puts out this thing in the book and he's trying to make some scurrilous allegation that there was an affair going on with president trump and someone else. he mentioned it on the bill maher show. >> there is something in the book that it was absolutely sure of by the was so incendiary that it just didn't have the ultimate proof. >> considering what he's done,
5:36 pm
was it a woman thing? >> yes, i didn't have the blue dress. when you hit that paragraph you will say bingo. jesse: there is something about the president spending a lot of time with someone on air force one. they are making an allegation that nikki haley had some sort of affair with president trump. >> it's an example of gossip being treated like gospel. michael wolff is a ludicrous figure. in his own book's introduction he says there are some things in here that are badly untrue. you have a media that cheers it on and doesn't even question. bill: i feel terrible for nikki haley that she has to respond 20 to something like this.
5:37 pm
>> it's absolutely not true. it's highly offensive and it's disgusting. i have literally been on air force one once. and there were several people in the room while i was there. i have never talked to the president about my future and i am never alone with him. jesse: where are the other women saying you are making a ridiculous allegation about a woman that she has to sleep with her boss to get ahead. >> she was the governor of south universal. shd of south carolina. she wasn't a waitress. >> why don't you substitute kathleen sebelius. where are all the pundits defending nikki haley.
5:38 pm
wilbur ross, and others are the heroes of this administration. jesse: overconcha. thank you very much. a cherokee indian taking on elizabeth poke than as warren next. ♪ let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing. in acres and a half day ofjust becauswork is twelve hours.ured
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you were here long before of any us were here. though we have a representative in congress they say was here a long time ago, they call her pocahontas. jesse: elizabeth warren is accused of lying about her heritage to get a job at harvard. the university celebrated her as the first minority woman to receive tenure. rebecca, what would you like to hear from senator warren? >> as a mixed native woman, i get to relive the squareio types
5:44 pm
elizabeth warren -- relive the stereotypes. we are not fractioned of imagined indians who used to exist. what i would love to see elizabeth warren do is take responsibility for her false claim. she heard a story while growing up. she has been presented with a lot of evidence to realize it's not true. there are a lot of people who are confused who think they are cherokee when they don't have cherokee relatives. jesse: she was applying for jobs at university and claiming she is a native american. and she continues to claim native american heritage long into her adult lifetime. it's not just a mistake. this is something she did intentionally.
5:45 pm
>> despite many native people and cherokee people coming forward and asking her not to do that. a cherokee geologist traced herd heritage to well before the trail of tears and she doesn't have a single cherokee ancestor. the fact that she hasn't responded shows that today we have native people that are silent. jesse: so you are saying she is not cherokee at all? >> a lot of people think they have, you know, a great, great great cherokee grandmother. and there is this myth that after we traveled the trail of tears we scattered and vanished. but what actually happened is for those of us who came to oklahoma, we reestablished our sovereign government. we still have our language and ceremonial ways.
5:46 pm
so for people to draw on a distant relative where they have a fuzzy connection where they can't name it. i can't think of a growers misrepresentation of who we are. we are connected. we know each other. jesse: she is a democrat, you are a democrat. if she does come out and apologize, would you vote for her? >> you know, it's interesting you played trump calling her pocahontas in the lead-up, and i was listening to that. jesse: is that offensive as a native american? >> yes, pocahontas was a teenager who rather than the fictional love story we have been told was actually kidnapped and held hostage and died when she was 21. it's a sad story. today in the u.s. four in five
5:47 pm
native women will be raped, stalked or abiewsd in their lifetime. so for those cartoons to be thrown about when the reality is we are still living the violence the real pocahontas lived is wrong. jesse: california's party bros are back. with rocket mortgage, i can manage the whole process from my phone, so i do it when it's convenient. i can explore all my options, adjust my rate, my term, and get approved in minutes. sounds dummy proof. rocket mortgage by quicken loans. get approved in as few as 8 minutes.
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jesse: california kicked off 2018 with big changes. legalizing weed, opening its arms to illegal aliens as a sanctuary state. now some independents are pushing for independence and pushing for a new california. so, guys. california is now a sanctuary state. do you think that's a good idea? >> i am glad you asked that. it's good to see you. in terms of like immigration, jt
5:52 pm
and i like to sort of go to our party regular st. louis method on that. >> there is a simple platform for who gets to come in and who has to leave. you are chilled you can come in. if you are a d. bag you have to leave. >> it's better than who you know. you can miss out on quality dudes. jesse: you guys aren't for chain migration where it's who your cousin or uncle is. you are for merit base. so what you have to offer the party is who gets in. >> you are boxing usn into a point of view we may not share completely. but we appreciate your extrapolation. jesse: i would never want to box
5:53 pm
you in. your state until it cross mayors of little rocket man. he's threatening armageddon. kim jong-un. the guy with the funny haircut from the hermit kingdom. he wants to annihilate california. what do you think we should do about little rocket man? >> that's a bummer. don't annihilate him. in times like these i turn to the original fast fan furious where paul walker, in the first one vince was flex on him really hard. but paul reef made chill and stoked and said i love the tuna here. that sort of put vince at ease. if we held that stance, we are chilled, we like the tuna.
5:54 pm
>> nobody wants to leave the party. if you start hurling nukes at each other there won't be many parties. i can see a chilled out resolution. jesse: i hope so. we need a resolution on that front. weed is legal now in california. you guys think that's a good idea? >> i think it's dank. jesse: have you noticed a difference in the vibe in california since they legalized it. ed the lines are longer. that's the big jest difference. jesse: no one wants to wait in line. i love having you on the show. you guise are one of the best guests we have on "watters world." >> you are the best at having us as your guest. jesse: i'm a le jenlds in your
5:55 pm
thais and i love it. have a good night tonight. i know the night it young out in l.a. do your thing and keep it chill. >> thank you. jesse: you have next. last call. each year sarah climbs 58,007 steps. that's the height of mount everest. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress that travel up her body with every step she takes. so keep on climbing, sarah. you're killing it. dr. scholl's. born to move. vof hundreds of families, he'se hmost proud of the one the heads
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jesse: time for "last call." this looks like it really hurt. can we see that again real quick? oh, god! that british dude said he was drunk. he's not injured. don't worry, he's fine.
6:00 pm
follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: tonight the countdown to the president's first state of the union is on. while the battle over immigration freeform intensifies on the hill. welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. and thank you to my viewers for make "justice" number one again last saturday. the white house press secretary and congressman ron desantis are both standing by. but first my opening statement. the biggest snow job in political history is taking place in the united states. illegal i am granlts


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